And right then, everything became clear. You finally realized…

I have everything within me already to feel happy. When focussing on the beauty of surroundings and the opportunities being presented from current circumstances, everything that is required to feel happy is already right there. Instead of looking for the problems that can be managed and resolved; relish what is going just right, right now.

Like being hit over the head by a frying pan, it all becomes crystal clear. It isn’t what is missing; it is about what is present. Comparing is always a risk – it can take you down a dark path of resentment and envy. But surely it depends on the comparison – compare to those less fortunate and you are rich, compare to those more fortunate and you are poorer for it. Leave comparison behind and instead marvel at what is.

There was a sunrise this morning and it was full of beauty and wonder. Isn’t it marvellous how there is always a sunrise and a sunset and every one is different, full of its own beauty, wonder and magic.


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