Story: Hedgehogs

There’s a knock at the door but when you answer it, no one’s there.  You look down and see a box with a bow on it and you hear something inside.  What happens next will change your life forever…

Peering slowly inside the box a snuffle escapes followed by a grunt, snapping the lid closed the box is brought inside.  Under the light of the table lamp in the living room you boldly open the box wide and look inside. Tucked up in the corner is a small prickly ball, breathing but tightly wrapped around itself.  Instinct tells you not to touch it, but you override that warning and place a flat hand over the top of the ball and then the other around the side. Slowly lifting the ball of prickles out of the box and placing it on the floor.

Slowly the ball unfurls and a snout pops out having a good sniff around the unfamiliar surroundings. Its beady eyes open and it makes to scurry away. Gently you lift is by its sides and bring it back to the centre of the carpet between your legs. You notice when it walks that it has a limp and some discharge around its rear.  Placing it carefully back in the box you go to get a warm towel and a bowl of clean water.

After calling the local wildlife rescue centre you tell yourself that it will be no problem taking care of the small, underweight hedgehog.  You add more hay to the box and give it some meat and water, staying up all night checking every now and then to see if it is still ok. By the morning a member of the wildlife team come to collect the small hedgehog to take it to the rehabilitation centre, they remark how well you have done and they are always looking for volunteers.

Right there and then from that moment you become a passionate hedgehog rescuer, rehabilitator and fundraiser forever more.



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