Describe a project you want to finish. What will it take to get there?

A project of turning a grey, flat landscape into a vibrant, multi-layer landscape. Presently it is bleak, grey and barren. Little plant life survives here, where there are no plants there are no birds or bugs. In the summer time the space remains cold underfoot, and sad feeling. The space stagnates rather than thrive as a sanctuary. No BBQ’s or fun in this space, it zaps all energy with its grey hardness.

Visions of fierce greenery cascading from tall wooden panels, bright colours adorn surrounding brickwork; plants in abundance surround its boards and centrally a beautiful lawn enjoyed by everyone. A sun lounger in the corner, right in the sun trap offers sanctuary to its owner. Sweet smells surround the space inviting all creatures great and small. Sanctuary.

What will it take to get there? Hard work, elbow grease and sweat over several weekends. Digging and lifting earth into sections. Lots of tea!


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