Describe a world without fear. What does it look like?

There is no such thing as fear, fear is a choice. Don’t get me wrong, there is such a thing as danger and when there is danger it is right to be cautious. But Fear… Fear is created by the mind and therefore a choice.

A world without fear is simple. It doesn’t look any different, it is remains solid and colourful, busy and loud, still and quiet. The same people remain in it, those who provoke and encourage violence and those who condemn it. The world remains the same, but you are different. You are without fear. Where there is no fear there is room for courage to flourish, you are experiencing fearlessness.

That spider on the wall has no threat, it is smaller than you and is not deadly, therefore you calmly get a cup and piece of card and remove it to outside the home. That barking dog is only a noise and you realise that the animal is anxious or protective; you calmly give the animal space and ignore it walking past it. Getting on that plane to a foreign country by yourself no longer fills you with despair and cold sweat; instead you only feel the excitement in your belly and focus on the amazing experience you will have exploring a new place and making new friends.

A world without fear, you are empowered and have the sense of complete freedom. You sleep well and deeply every night. You challenge yourself every day by taking a step and not looking back, by saying yes when you want to try something (that isn’t dangerous), by not feeling guilty when you say No to somebody, by putting everything into perspective and realising you have complete control over your decisions and your actions.

Fear is a choice.


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