Describe an optimistic portrait of what the world will look like in 50 years

Looking out of a bedroom window the fields are stark and misty. The cold air rising slowly from the crisp fields smattered with frost, it is almost too tempting to jump back under the warm bed covers. Treading carefully out of the house the cold air catches in the throat, exhaling a warm spool of smoky white air. This feels like bliss; a reminder of life coursing through the veins.

The world surrounding is changed. It is brighter under the startling sunrise, deep yellow and pinks. Cars that pass by are quiet and thrum with their electric engines; gardens are well manicured and smell sweet from new winter flowers sprouting everywhere. Walking down the street is no longer filled with anxiety; now it is filled with a sense of joy. People walking past smile and nod Hello, society has come full circle from smartphone prison worlds to face to face communication. Walking through the park children are playing with each other, their imaginations far reaching to dragons and knights; the community kindness wall rises from the hilly path like a beautiful enchanting welcome. Filled with encouraging notes it inspires any heavy heart that passes by.

Certainly, freedom of movement from one place to another is a blessing; as is the landscape of communities embracing one another, living side by side with zero resentment for the other. A sharing and understanding society has obtained its victory. All is not perfect; nothing can ever be, for if it were there would be nothing to strive for any longer. But it is good.


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