Talk about the weather in the most interesting way possible.

It is already June, the sun should be shining every day along with a feeling of warmth encasing us. Bright flowers should be everywhere and the land green all around. Butterflies fluttering along paths, ladybirds crawling the risky walkways raging with excited toddlers jumping around. Sunsets should be a warm breeze and a sky of mixed blues, pinks, yellows, purples all glistening on the expansive ocean.

Instead, there remains birdsong in the early dawn followed by dark moody grey skies. Cloud cover in a thick smog like swell, the ground has patches of barren mud and grass more like bogs.  It if doesn’t rain it is a good day but the chill lingers in the air, cloaking us in our autumn jumpers.  Trees are trying to flower and leaf but stunted, you can hear the insects but cannot see them. Butterflies do not flutter past, strong winds whip past every corner and fills every space.  Garden furniture goes to bed in one corner and wakes on the opposite all tipped and tossed like coss in a salad.

It is a murky summer and we all collectively dream of those sunny warm days.


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