Describe your bedroom…

What makes it special? What would you like to change/add?

There is a room in a house at the top of a hill in the middle of the Dales. This room is not small but it is not big either. As you open the door there is a modest wide window in front of you, dressed with dark blue and gold latin curtains. To the left is a false wall and a door into the warm airing cupboard, it had a framed print of a watercolour Chinese village in the shades of a multi-coloured waterfall. The main wall tucks in after the cupboard into a small recess. Within the recess is an ottoman with cushions staked on top and a homemade comfy dog bed in front of it. The large double bed takes up most of the space in the centre of the room. It is solid oak with tall corners, scarves draped from them. In the far corner is a low square pine table with a lamp and small stack of books. Turning to face the head of the bed you see a driftwood deer head mounted on the wall. The wood has different shades and it is soft to touch, its antlers are large and you get a sense of security looking at it. Along the final wall leading back to the door are two bookcases, one filled with books, the other not yet assigned to a purpose except for the central shelf, which has a dedicated altar composed on it. You get a sense that such an altar is special, it contains trinkets of what this person desired in their life, as well as keepsakes of things that have been celebrated during the year so far. It has crystals in each corner and a small pebble labyrinth. You feel calm in this room, a sense of stillness. As you look around you once more from that spot, you notice that the walls are a little dim, if it were your room perhaps a little bright colour would be added, or change it to white walls so that the rooms contents provide the colour. You leave this room to explore the rest of the home.


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