Describe your perfect morning

There is no alarm clock on the bedside table, there is no need. The sunlight peeping beneath the bottom of the curtain is enough to rouse the senses and gently whisper those eyes awake. Stretching a long full body stretch it is simple to sit up and place both feet onto the soft carpet, easing body weight onto the legs and push off to standing. The sun is only just rising and it is a beautiful sight, throwing down a yoga mat on the lawn to sit and welcome the day is perfect. The grass is damp but not wet, yoga mat protecting legs from the wetness beneath; breath in and eyes close, feeling the warmth of the oncoming day on your face; breath our and feel a sense of calmness wash over you. As the sun rises higher the breathing in and breathing out remains steady and deep. The mind does not wonder to tasks that may or may not lay ahead in the day, instead the mind applies full concentration on what the air feels like, how centred the body feels, how peaceful the surroundings are with only the sound of birds chirping meeting your ears.

Once the sun is up it is time to dress and walk woman’s best friend. This time together is precious, every step taken is appreciated. Birds continue their merry greeting as you walk around the neighbourhood; the walk is not long but is enough to start the day with a light heart and peaceful mind.


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