What’s one thing you would change about the way you were raised? 

There are many books about parenting and child rearing, but every child is unique. Each has its own thought process, moods, reactions, needs, emotions etc. Every child has a different need and ability to do things, so there is no prescribed manual for each and every one.

Our parents do their best with the skills they have, all they can do is apply their life experience to help guide their child into being a decent human being (most do anyway).  It is only as we grow older that we realise that they are making it up as they go along, doing their best, and we only appreciate this when we become parents ourselves.

My childhood was a good one. I was never neglected and rarely scared. My family were (and are) my sanctuary, I could literally ask anything. I was encouraged to be inquisitive and ask questions of any adult. I had a good relationship with both my parents; certainly we argued and clashed at times, but always finding a way to get along eventually. They educated me the best they could and taught me all they knew – from fixing a car to building things and creating.

What would I change – nothing that they said or did. I would change my perception of what they were teaching me. I took everything at its purest meaning. Don’t hit others is the main lesson I would prefer to change if I could. Sometimes it is OK to hit and sometimes it is necessary.  I often feel that if I had landed one good hit on two certain bullies that part of my life would not have happened for as long or to the degrees it did. I could have avoided a lot of torment, self-applied guilt and resentment towards myself.  I would have gladly taken the consequences of my actions too and I know that if I had, my parents would still have supported me through it. Because my parents are like that – supportive so long as I take responsibility for my actions and think before I act.


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