If you could live in any video game world, where would you live?

Looming stone archways in a distant jungle etched with ancient runes rise up to the sky, they are so tall it is impossible to comprehend they have a top.  The air is thick with humidity from the rain forest beyond and where you have been. Stepping under the archway it leads into a cool dark corridor of an prehistoric tomb.  Speculating when this building originated from it looks primitive, appreciating the wall paintings and carvings that line the entryway. The treasures to be found are irresistible, they could be gold or flint or crystal, anything you find will be valuable.  The combination of discovery, archelogy and architecture promising a wide range of mysteries will be unfolded before your eyes.

To be an explorer is to have the most enigmatic adventures of all and that is most tempting. To travel the world and delve into its living archives, resurrecting hidden meanings and lost fortunes. It is the thrill of what one could find and discover, with the combination of travel and intellect.

I would be a tombraider. A discoverer, a teacher, an archaeologist and adventurer.

Maybe it goes right back to my childhood when I watched raiders of the lost world and desired to be a miniature version of Indiana Jones, I’m not aware if that has ever been a video game but I have played Tomb Raider once or twice and that appealed on the same lines. To explore hidden worlds, make discoveries of lost cultures and tribes, while obtaining treasures appears to me as the most exhilarating life anyone could lead.


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