How do you feel about luck? Are you a lucky person?

We manifest towards us what we think. As you spend time thinking about all the things you wish you had but don’t and bring up feelings of desire and resentment, the more likely those things will evade you.

When you think about not-having, you have-not. However, if you spend time picturing you have the things you desire and focus on the nice feeling of having it, the more likely it will be drawn towards you.

How do I feel about luck? Am I a lucky person?

Every day I walk my dog passing a lovely house, instead of thinking “I will never afford that house”, I think “I’m looking forward to buying that house”.

When my bathroom pipes burst I didn’t think about the lack of money I had to replace it, I thought how fortunate that I will have enough to cover the costs. A week later I came into a few hundred pounds!

Luck is phrase used to convince or explain how people can come into fortune – money, job, possession, love-life etc. Luck is used to explain away what the individual perceives as unexplainable. “I must just be lucky today!” But really it’s what you think about most that you manifest towards you. Think it, receive it.


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