Over the past year, how have you changed?

A year ago I looked in the mirror and saw an overweight lifeless girl. I saw a failure, a person with no direction but plenty of time to complain about her “lack” but doing nothing to change it. She had blonde hair and baggy clothes, pale skin and no makeup of any kind. She was short and unflattering. Emotionally dependent but with nobody to be dependent on. She looked haggard from stress and worn out from trying to do everything. She was doing everything but to a poor standard.

During the last 12 months she put more effort in at the gym and slimmed herself down, she read a book that changed her perspective on life and what she could achieve. She took the step of going to a group discussion and there she made new friends. Friends she would see regularly and weren’t distracted by becoming new mums – they had grown up children or no children like her. She learnt new skills, reviewed her CV and applied for some jobs. She hasn’t changed jobs yet but she has her current job in better perspective.

By the end of the year she gave up several things that no longer provided her any pleasure, this allowed more time to be spent on the things she did enjoy and quality improved. She had a knock-back professionally and then another knock-back emotionally and spiralled into depression. However, she was able to rescue herself early and get help. She had support from her new friends, within two months instead of years she was back on track to becoming the person she truly wants to be.

Now she stands in front of the mirror and sees a healthy girl, bright complexion, a person with ambition and focus. She has purple and blonde hair, tailored clothes and a big smile.

Over the past year how have I changed? Enormously.


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