Running into an old friend

I ran into an old friend from college the other night while I was out. We had a couple beers and started talking. I couldn’t believe…

I ran into an old friend the other night; there was a chill in the air and people were wrapped up in thick scarves and hats. My hands were shoved into their pockets to stop the tips from freezing. This old friend of mine stopped me first; it had been years since we last saw each other. It felt like it had only been a few months.

As he spoke about mutual friends he was still in touch with, I started to internally question when the last time was that we had seen each other. Eleven years! Time has this funny way of feeling like there isn’t enough and everything has to be ready and obtainable right now, but the longer it passes the less time feels; the more we spoke the more eleven years felt like only a matter of months.

All at once I was back in the moment, back in reality, when he mentioned a mutual friend had been sent to prison. A boy I had known a lifetime ago, a saviour of sorts who kept me out of trouble and kept trouble at bay from me. Many times had he stepped in when there had been abuse, a kind and sensitive boy but occasionally with a hidden agenda. There has been nothing sinister about him during those times. Now though, he was a man and he was firmly in the wrong. He’d pleaded guilty, which I suppose is something, but a heinous crime nonetheless. I just couldn’t believe it


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