If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

What lies at the centre of every superhero? When you read a comic book and truly understand the motivations of each hero, what lies at the centre? Compassion and Kindness.

Ironman – a master inventor originally driven by greed, sees the consequences of his creations (war and destruction), sees the carnage and decides to help protect people instead (compassion), utilising his skills for the benefit of others (kindness), and yes still make tones of money!

Batman – sees injustice and tries to work with law enforcement to get justice – the system lets him down. He has tones of money too and decides to be a vigilante, helping victims and delivering justice. This again demonstrates compassion and kindness for others before himself.

Superman – an alien unlike other heros who were/are human beneath their masks or suits. He hides his identity so not to invoke fear; he sees global threats and decides to protect his community. He fights for what is right, he exposes the corrupt as a journalist and uses his abilities to protect others – compassion and kindness

Captain America – starting as a weak, weedy man with no extraordinary strength decides to protect his country by any means. He wants to stop evil taking over, protect the weak and vulnerable. Puts others before himself, sees conflict – feels compassion, delivers mercy through kindness.

I could go on but I think it proves the point. Compassion and Kindness lies at the heart of every superhero. Those traits are already there in each and every one of us, we just need to unlock it, utilise it proactively. Some already do – that guy who stops to help the elderly cross the road, that woman who cooks Christmas dinner for the care-home, that stranger who sat and listened to you when you were upset, Samaritans.

If I had one superpower it would be the ability to touch people (on the elbow or shoulder or something, nothing that would be deemed inappropriate), and release their kindness and compassion.


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