How would you describe the colour blue?

There are many colours in our spectrum and there is colour within the colour. Graphic design now has variables of every colour imaginable.

Describe the colour Blue

On a cold winter’s night look up to the sky, on a clear night it appears black, but that is only perception because black is associated with darkness, but look closer and you will see it is a midnight blue. Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. A blanket of the darkest blue scattered with bright light yellow stars and a bright grey moon.

On a hot summers day look up at the sky, shield your eyes from the sun and you will be a bright pale blue with tones of mid-tones, growing darker towards the horizon and lighter still around the edges of puffy white clouds.

Visit the Maldives and the sea there is a beautiful turquoise blue. Blending from palest blue to deep dark blue; the coral reef and white sandy beach lightens the blue of the sea to its turquoise hue.

The colour blue holds many associations – a political party (Tories); a flag, a country’s representation; the eyes of your loved one or daughter; coldness and calmness; a famous car or fine porcelain.

Blue – a feeling not only a colour, powerful in its own right and everlasting as a primary colour along with red, yellow, black and white.


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