What is your ideal groundhog day

Groundhog day, from what I can remember as it has been a long time since I watched the film, is not necessarily a day you enjoy. It is a day where you learn something every time it is repeated until you have learnt the greatest lesson of them all (whatever that may be). But that is not say I would wish for a very unpleasant Groundhog Day where I would be miserable or angry most of the day.

What is my ideal groundhog day?

I would wake up to sunshine outside, but there is noise all around me – the birds are amplified, the neighbours are shouting and banging around, while I am trying to meditate. This will teach me how to centre myself and block out surround sounds and how to focus my mind.

It is a day when there is a coffee moot and I will attend and listen to the group. It is a wonderful group of people who I usually always have a giggle with, and they are all incredibly knowledgeable, so I will learn something every time. It might be I learn something about myself and form a new opinion, or I may learn something new about the path I am walking at the moment.

From there I will walk home back along the beach with my Dad. I enjoy our conversations – they are frank and honest. We are so open with each other than sometimes the conversation can be a little mean, but for our own good in order to change behaviour or become more aware of how our actions impact those around us. Again I will learn something from these conversations.

I will bake with my mother. She taught me how to bake from a small age, it has always been my favourite time spent with her. Occasionally we argue in the kitchen and get in each other’s way, but most of the time we get along and create something really delicious.

Late in the afternoon I meet my creative friends at my house and we sit around chatting and crafting. Every time I would probably create something different – learn a new skill or come up with a new design. I find this the best form of stress relief too.

Finally to end my day, there will be my favourite film watched on the comfort of my sofa and my dog in resting her head in my lap for a peaceful cuddle. Repeat!


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