What’s something you’ve been excited about lately?

Anticipation tingles. It is a bit like pins and needles but with less of the dead limb feeling. It travels around the body, starting from the mouth (or rather the smile that appears when thinking about it); travels down the arms and back to the stomach, where it dances. Excitement is a wonderful feeling, like a happiness drug.

What is causing the anticipation? Well, a long journey south, past the places once called home, further south and west. It has large glass domes like honeycombs; plants as small as my hand and others taller than a giant. Full or trees, bushes and flowers all exotic and fruity. Hypnotising walks through those domes and around them. A vista of a sweeping landscape filled with hills and peaks demanding to be captured by a lens.

This place is Eden and I am excited to be going very, very soon.


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