What’s the biggest challenge you currently face?

A creeping malicious black shadow stalks me. His hand is as cold as ice, gripping tightly on my shoulder. “You thought you could escape me” his voice was sinister and rasping. My hands shake, my eyes well, my chest pulls tight; “no” I exhale. “Yes” he laughs. I keep on going about my day.

The malicious black shadow never leaves me; by night time he brings company. A tall dark red shadow stands beside him, a hand outstretched gripping my other shoulder, “you thought you could outrun me” he heckles down my ear, “but you never will”. It isn’t a threat; it is a promise – inevitability.

I sit on the floor motionless, wishing/hoping/praying for something, someone to come and help me. But I am on my own; these two demons can only be defeated alone. I sit a while longer staring, staring at Depression and Anger mocking me. Slowly I begin to emit my own light, a bright white light, it chases them away. For now. My white light ebbs and fades, it is only a matter of time before they realise, before they creep back towards me, mocking me.


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