What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done recently?

It was the first bright sunny day in months. The sun didn’t just shine, it glittered. The air was finally still allowing the warmth to travel down. A perfect day to pull on the wellies and head out of the house for adventures. Down the little lane with trees leaning overhead creating an archway of twisted bare branches. Shadows stretched long up the lane, inviting the walker a little further along the way. All at once but not at all the trees gave way to a clearing, a far open and wide clearing of field. Battered by mud it was squidgy under foot but the ground was firm to tread upon. The reserve was alive with life – bees, birds, insects, humming and tweeting. Cows grazed happily in the adjacent field, basking in the suns warmth. Breathing slowly to recover from the pace, it created short clouds and speckled in the sunshine. Such a beautiful day after those dark wet months. As dusk began to greet us, an owl flew over the field on its early evening hunt. It was time to return home where a stew was waiting with warm dry socks and blankets by the fire.


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