How do you handle stress?

Meditation, mindfulness, massage, reading, music, dancing, walking, weight-lifting are all effective tools to managing stress. Not all at once and not necessarily all together. Each a method to choose from on any given day, as required, as appropriate.

Meditation alongside reading has the potential to cast you into another universe. Whole other worlds are at your fingertips just through concentrated breathing and closing your eyes. A summer day spent under a large oak tree in a meadow, a long luxurious spa, winning a ski race – the places you can go and do are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Massage stops muscles becoming such tight knots keeping the dawn from arriving in the night, or heightens all the senses to such delirious pleasures.

Dancing, laughing, music, exercise and walking have the power to thunder stress away. It can be aggressive or mellow but the result is the same. Restful sleep usually follows and the morning brings new beginnings.


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