Who’s had the biggest influence on your life to date?

I would not be here without my parents – in the literal sense because if they didn’t get together I really wouldn’t be here. They worked as a team to raise me as a child, teaching me skills and manners. They must be the greatest influence on my life, without them I would be a totally different person.

My Dad taught me how to apply make-up (his experience working as an actor and my mother never wears it); he taught me to wet shave (my mother only used electric shavers and wax); he taught me how to service a car, build things, fix a toilet, what was right and wrong, how to drive – building me into the practical person I am. My mother taught me how to be thoughtful, mindful and considerate of others, she taught me to budget and mend things – building me into the emotional person I am.

Outside of them, I have been influenced by writers such as Keats, Rowling, and Gainman. I have been influenced in fashion by Miller and Barrymoore; inspired in overcoming mental health problems by Dench, Walters, Gilbert, Byrne and Wax. I wouldn’t have discovered my ambition and potential without my friend Sarah.

I continue with an open mind to be educated by others experiences, being influenced by those around me and in front of me.


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