Talk about your current outlook on life

My current outlook on my life is complex. On a path of self-discovery in a spiritual sense I am feeling positive and invigorated. But, my past and mental health is challenging me right now, leaving me in a dark place. I am suffering bouts of loneliness, anger, frustration and little peace of mind. Sometimes I wake in the morning and feel distraught at what could lie ahead in my day; other mornings I wake up feeling uplifted and excited for the day ahead. Sometimes I am left feeling abandoned and worn out from so much overthinking and analysing, it is those times when I fail miserably at switching off or meditating. Occasionally, on a good day, I feel alive and thankful for it.

I saw the other day a viral post where a husband asked his wife to draw what she was thinking about and it turned out to be a huge mind map of questions, worries, check lists and happy thoughts. I envied her mind map because my mind is in so much chaos I could never draw it. Then I considered the content of her drawing and realised I am not alone in being overwhelmed by multiple thought streams.

My current outlook on life is: Take each day as it comes, one step and breath at a time and just let it be.


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