What’s the one physical possession you cherish most?

I find possessions superficial. Why put so much value on a ‘thing’. I have several that cost me a great deal, I have others that I have inherited and have a much higher value than the cost. Possessions can serve a purpose but once again I do ‘cherish’ them as such. I have my grandmothers necklace that is extremely special to me. I wear it when I need reassurance or a bit a luck, I inherited the necklace and I cherish it most dearly. I suppose you can call it a possession, I see it more of a memory of my grandmother.

The greatest value for money on the other hand I cannot honestly call a possession, it is my dog Meg. Meg is not an object, I do not ‘possess’ her, instead I care for her and we have a mutual understanding to live side by side one another. She has her own personality, her preferences, her character. Meg also has her own compassion and empathy which I do not believe a possession can muster. Meg is what I cherish most, I paid good money for her and she has given the greatest return on investment imaginable.


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