Who’s a friend that you really respect? Why?

It seems a little crude to announce her by name on the internet without gaining her consent first, so she shall remain nameless for now. My friend who I really respect is an amazing woman. I first met her as a new colleague roughly five years ago and first impressions of her were that she was a too whimsical and flighty – oh god what on earth have they hired into the team now!

But within two days I had gained such a high regard for her. That first impression was a reflection on my character more than hers. I saw a very tall, slim blonde woman who was beautiful to boot and I felt inferior; my instinct was to find as many negatives as possible about her. I am ashamed of myself, but by getting to know her as a friend I have learnt to put that aspect of my character aside and instead become much more open minded when I meet people and I am pleased to say that I haven’t jumped to conclusions through such judgements since.

This friend of mine thinks of others before herself, which is probably why she is such an excellent community engagement officer – she identifies what I community needs quicker than anyone else by really listening to what the community has to say. She has savvy instincts to ask the right questions. She would rather buy second hand than new and knows all the best charity shops in her town. She rarely puts herself first and gets more enjoyment from doing activities that others want to do. She brings the fun to everything, she is an amazing dancer and performer, taking part in local community plays. Above all, she is genuine. Everything she does is heartfelt which makes time spent with her special and gifts from her cherishable. Anyone who is called ‘friend’ by her is very lucky.


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