You’re running as fast as you can, but you can hear it getting closer. You look back…

The vindictiveness of the engine is menacing as it roars ever closer towards you. The bright chrome is dazzling and there is little to do other than to shield your eyes.  Sparks fly from the asphalt as it curves around the corner and the footplates skim the surface. Still you keep running away from it.  The rider presses on with conviction, determined to win his prize – you.

As you keep running the road winds until the tarmac becomes thinner eventually eroding to nothing but a dirt track. This is your chance, veering into the long grass towards the woodlands. Surely the large imposing chrome monster of a machine cannot follow you there. Looking back over your shoulder it aggressively leaves the track, prowling into the long grass but slows.  There is no respite, ceasing the opportunity your feet carry you faster into the darkening woods where the trees provide refuge. Tree roots line the ground and you skip over them.  Branches hang low but sturdy, it would be easy to climb one, but what about the rider? If you can climb, he could climb too.

All of a sudden there is a loud pop behind you. Jumping behind a large oak tree, you peer around back along the path you just ran and see the chrome monster laying on its side, rider trapped beneath by his leg. Should you help him? No. It is not worth the risk, you turn away, breathing heavy and begin to run. This time there is no given path but you know the way across to the other side. Over the bank and up over the mossy mounds the sun splinters through the thinning trees, green lands the other side of them.  Head down you make one final effort to reach them.

Pouncing through the slim ash trees lining the woods, you roll out into the meadow. You have reached the other side of the boundary. The rider has no power to cross the line of Ash trees, he cannot enter this realm.  Your prize was worth the fear and exertion, a cluster of quartz in your hand smattered with a little blood from where its sharp spikes broke the skin of your palm from gripping it so tightly.  It is a dangerous mission to cross the boundary into Faire, full of menacing creatures guarding the secret caves chock full of quartz; but this time you did not cross for a thrill of adventure, this time Julian needed a remedy.  Once collected your senses the small cottage pokes up from the hills, its little chimney puffs thin wispy white smoke and you make way towards it.  Julian doesn’t have long….


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