What’s the biggest problem you see around you today?

What’s the biggest problem you see around you today? Can you do anything to help solve it?

Politics. It all comes down to politics. Whether the services delivered are value for money, which services are less important to be cut or contracted out to the private sector. Whether the political agenda of the media is to stir up fear or passion. Whether we stay in the European Union or not and how whatever decision affects trade, worker rights, benefits, inflation, cost of living, tax breaks or tax increases, freedom of movement – it boils down to politics.

Personally I loathe politics as much as I loathe religion, but I must accept that both exist and they both have followers. The biggest problem I see around me is a lack of compassion and understanding. Culturally are we falling into the trap of always having to point the figure as someone or some group – why must blame be laid regardless if it is right or wrong? Have we fallen into a culture of complaint rather than a culture of gratitude?

Talking to older generations who had to mend and make do and grew up with so little that they could only appreciate what they had, it is so very hard to understand how ‘we’ have become so wasteful. We throw and replace rather than mend – which removes the need for skills to fix things. We no longer remind ourselves to be thankful for what we have rather than bemoan what we do not. A lifestyle of resentment for what we lack is not healthy; it breeds stress/worry/depression and envy.

My little gesture is leaving anonymous notes wherever I go – reminding others there are things to be thankful for, reminders of what is around them, suggestions of what they can do to help others around them. I don’t know if it works or if it impacts anybody by making them think about it. That isn’t why I do it. I only wish to inject a little understanding and kindness into this harsh world I see around me.


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