If you could live forever, would you?

Forever is a very, very long time. Should you live forever presumably you’d be immortal. Immortality, I feel, is selfish. I do not desire forever youth but I hunger for knowledge. If I were to be immortal how would that impact my morals over the decades and centuries? I would see everyone I love around me pass on (die) and I would wonder onward, meeting more and more people, forming more and more relationships, but I would forever be alone.

Forever is a very, very long time. The old testament spoke of Moses and Abraham etc as living into hundredths, beyond 400 years old. But as years passed the great being (God) deemed that their lifetime was too long and halved it and then halved it again the more they displeased him (from my memory of Sunday school anyway. It has been a very long time since I read the old testament). I would wish to live a little longer, until I had gathered as much knowledge as I could. Have the time to read every book I wish to read, form the relationships I wish to have. But I look forward to the time this lifetime of mine comes to a close. I am intrigued for what may come next, and that curiosity is greater than my selfish desire to live forever.

Live long and prosper! (and with courage and kindness)


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