Talk about mistakes

Mistakes, I’ve made a few in my years. Mistakes are different to regrets. In context I have made many more mistakes than I have regrets but often they can feel the same. Mistakes have been forgotten over the years – like getting a person’s name wrong, transferring money to the wrong account and having to correct myself. Mistakes where I misjudged the distance of an object and hit it. Mistake in dating someone I know I shouldn’t have, and it didn’t go well. My greatest mistake that I keep repeating (but presently learning to recognise and break) is not trusting my instinct.

I hear that small voice in the back of my mind, or the grumbling below my stomach, I know I am having reservations about it but I press on and do it anyway. Then my intuition is proved right and it turns out to be a mistake. Or the other way round, I ignore the small voice or butterflies telling me to do it and I decide not to and that too turns into a mistake.

I believe we are meant to make mistakes – it is how we learn and evolve. I also believe (now) that trusting instinct and intuition is important as it usually helps us to avoid those silly mistakes.


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