What do you struggle with most?

Every day brings a struggle of some form to everyone. Struggling to get the kids washed, dressed and to school on time. Struggling to get yourself up and ready to show up at work. Struggling to complete your college or work assignment. Struggling to change that light bulb because it is just out of reach.

Struggling to concentrate on reading a book. Struggles are variable in their difficulty on a physical level and an emotional level. Every single person is individual and although some struggles can be common, the impact and level of difficulty are unique. I often struggle with motivation to get started; my solutions are unique to me, as is my logic in how I apply them.

The greatest challenge of any struggle is the perspective applied to them. Should you embrace the struggle as a learning experience and feel excited about it. Or do you sigh and put it off as long as possible because you fill yourself with dread instead?

A struggle is a struggle but a struggle needn’t be a struggle to get through!


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