Talk about 3 things you’d like to get done this week.

The transition from winter to spring feels long. Looking out upon the overgrown jungle of a garden it is clear there is some work to be done. But it is still winter, limited energy presses down on every limb required to do the work. Perhaps it is better to let nature continue her work instead?

Imbolc has recently past, a time to prepare the home for spring. Old newspapers and magazines turfed out onto the compost heap; carpets washed and curtains hoovered. Fresh air welcomed into the home via open windows and doors. “Welcome Spring” hailed around the house. Only a few scraps of spring-cleaning remain, waiting patiently to be completed before Equinox sets upon us.

Creativity and imagination are beginning to run once more. Dormant in winter while the mind and body demand recovery, sleep, and calmness to recharge; spring is the new beginning of creativity. Ideas are leaping from the mind in vibrant colours, listing new designs to craft and potions to concoct. Supplies must be purchased first, pens and fingers poised to make the ever extending list. It is exciting and exhilarating this time of year.


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