Talk about someone you have lost

Her laugh was infectious; her hugs were warm; she was the best person to be around. Sitting as an old sage in her winged chair in the kitchen, she was wise and gave her wisdom freely. She was a Mother to five of her own and three of the next generation. Teaching morals and principles to live by, emphasising the need for daily fun. Her words spoken softly, encouraging us to never take life too seriously. She was an eternal optimist, probably to either mask or overcome her own pessimistic demons. Those demons that run in our family.

Her eyes were ice blue with flecks of grey, her hair shades of grey too. Vibrant patterned frocks down to her knees with ‘Norah Batty’ tights too. She was short compared to the rest of the family and never without a kind smile. Devoted Christian, infectious laugh and a real sense of adventure. The scents of grapefruit and dewberry always remind me of her, sweet tender memories of one of the best women I have ever known.


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