Imagine you wake up with no possessions and £100. What do you do?

Waking up with no possessions and only £100! No bed beneath me to stretch upon or duvet to throw off. No pillow to plump as I rise to greet the day. No toilet to grace or toothbrush to use; no stairs to descend or fridge to open, no kettle to boil or milk to drink. No shoes to cover my feet or coat to encase the warmth. Just open air, expanse before me and trees on the horizon. The crunch of twigs and grass beneath my feet urge me on to the sandy beach ahead. A small eroded cavern in the side of the cliff provides shelter, driftwood provides warmth, and the sun looms and warms my face. After a while listening to the sway of the sea greeting the sandy beach it seems sensible to walk into the town. Using my £100 I’d buy £1 sandwiches and 40p bottles of water and share them with those who walk with me, those who sit with me, those who talk with me. Our ancestors lived off the land so why can’t I? The beach my resting place, the fields my supper and the trees my friends.


One thought on “Imagine you wake up with no possessions and £100. What do you do?

  1. Drifted beach to beach around the coast of Cornwall for the summer sleeping in our old Chevette, kicking up the tailgate to greet the morning sun each day. Loved the sky, the sea, the sand and even the storms as they passed by. Magic in the air and all around with wishing trees in hidden valleys and caves with crashing waves. A summer never to forget.

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