Write a note to someone you miss

It has been almost 20 years since you left us. You are missed terribly. The world has not changed much, governments have come and gone, wars have passed, the same Monarch still reigns.

Individually we have changed older, stronger, weaker, wiser, and foolish; the list goes on and you are remembered. There are things you will be proud of and your smile is felt deeply.

Your kindness is missing from our world; your simple touch on the shoulder for reassurance is felt but when looked for, it is not there.

Your infectious laugh rings in the ear. Memory of your positivity engulfs like a wash in times of struggle. The warmth you gave us still hugs around us. It is not the same as when you were here, but you have not left us entirely. Your parting gift of “I am not there” ”was a blessing during those dark days that followed, still bringing comfort when we look for you to share our joys. We do not stand at your grave and weep, you are not there, you do not sleep. You are everywhere.


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