Talk about your favourite hobby

Over the years there have been many hobbies. It started at 3 years old when I met a donkey on Great Yarmouth beach and had a ride, it lead to taking up horse-riding in Devon for 4 years. I loved that experience and was devastated when the school closed. Alongside horse riding I took up ballet and tap dancing between 4 years old and 7 years old. Dancing stayed with me all through childhood, I even took it as a GCSE with the intention of packing up and heading to Manchester school of Dance and becoming a professional. Alas I didn’t make the cut.

During my twenties I took up jewellery making. It appeared the perfect stress reliever away from work. The practice required to get the knack of it, the time it takes to make a single piece or wire wrapping. The pleasure obtained when a stranger is so enthusiastic to buy it. I still enjoy making jewellery and accessories.

Of course there is also the number one hobby that has sustained since the day my Dad showed me how to point and click his classic Kodak camera. Ever since 6 years old I have loved photography – to admire it, to do it, to produce it in a dark room, to finding inspiration and subject matter, to getting my first digital SLR and practicing. It is a constant and is always what I come back to on a lazy day with nothing to do. Heading out the door with a camera strapped around my neck. Photography is the most intimate of hobbies and the most exposing.


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