How old do you feel?

In my mind I am not that old. I feel youthful and still too young to ‘adult’ at times. I have days where I still want or need to be mothered. But then culturally, somebody somewhere harks about a certain film or album being 20 years old and I recognise that that film or piece of music was born in my childhood. For example in 1996 I was 12 years old, Take That announced their split and the Spice Girls launched Wannabe. The films Independence Day, Baz Luhrrman Romeo and Juliet, Trainspotting, Scream, Jerry Maguire, Mission Impossible, Space Jam, and Dragon Heart were all released. While having a break in the office, me and co-workers talk trivia and me and a few others realise that quite a few in our team do not remember these films because they were either just born or not born yet. The realisation that you are older than somebody else, who you normally identify with as being just as young as, is a little deflating to say the least.

The key is to gloss over these small trivia facts and remain as youthful as you desire to be. I still get excited when I see a wild animal and the other night I went bat watching! I was still told to ‘grow up.


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