Today, I’ll relieve stress by…

Meditating. Having recently embarked on a personal growth tour I have reached the chapter whereby I must reacquaint myself with my own mind. Over the years it has become unruly and difficult to control. Negative thoughts dominate my reactions and judgements. It is less friendly and constantly exhausted from harbouring and channelling so much resentment. It is time to regain control and begin to retrain a positive focus.  Meditation is a tool I have been introduced to and the tool I wish to test first.

Meditation is not so much repeating affirmations; I find it reflective.  For example to sit quietly and contemplate one thought I wish to change and visually see that thought change shape and colour, like a kaleidoscope, until it resembles something more positive. I may use a version of a chant outlined in Eat Pray Love should my negative emotions dominate me and my mind, preventing me from becoming still and focused in that contemplation.  My teacher has told me before how the mind is so clever that when it doesn’t want to cooperate it will distract. The way to take charge of that rebuking mind, is to distract it through counting or chanting. The mind cannot disrupt while it is occupied with a steady task.  Breathe in, count one, breathe in, count two and then reverse when you get to ten. Or chant, whichever you prefer.

A three minute breathing meditation at my desk brings my stress levels down and balances me. I am ready to take on the day with a full heart and promise.


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