If I had more time in the day, I’d use it to…

Be creative. Ever since childhood my mind has raced with creative ideas, so busy with new projects that barely any have been realised.

Revising for my maths exam I was thinking on ideas for my dance exam. Revising for my English exam I was imagining a new idea for a monologue to perform in my drama exam. All subjects crossed over while the task at hand getting half the attention required.

If I had more time in my day, I would be calmer being at work knowing that I had the time afterwards to hand make that card with new calligraphy I am learning; or I had the time to design a necklace my neighbour has asked for and then actually make it.  To turn over the soil in my new flower bed and tend to the seedlings which are growing (before they die from neglect). To finally get out all the fairy garden props to make the fairy garden pot for my decking. To sit down and create several of the crafting ideas I have pinned on Pinterest.

The list goes on but time has not expanded as desired. I feel wretched and conflicted from not fully being present at work (thinking on all the creative things I would like to be doing), to being exhausted from working so hard to make up for the lack of concentration that the creatives are shelved until I have ‘more time’ (that never comes).


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