I feel fulfilled at work when…

I feel fulfilled in my work when I have spent the day too busy to look at the clock.  When I have set out to collect as much information as possible on a subject set by the Committee I support, and that information is neatly organised and summarised for them.  I do all the reading to then summarise what it is all about.  I’ve become very good at explaining things plainly and well, especially a complex or unfamiliar subject.

I feel fulfilled at work when I get home and realise I did not map a task list in my head while driving home (and hour) to then stress and worry about what all those tasks were so I can email myself for the next day and do them (I would have forgotten half the list while singing along to Adele). Not mapping a task list means I have completed all that I needed to do, to my satisfaction, and it had been a good day.  It means that I can start tomorrow afresh and imaginatively.


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