How young do you feel?

By doing youthful things I remain youthful. Through laughter and joy I remain youthful. Buy not exposing my skin to the sun too much or wearing make-up constantly, I have a great complexion intact. With my split blonde and purple hair I remain young at heart. Through smiling at the birds singing and my dog jumping in the grass I remain young. We age beyond our years when we take life too seriously and constantly live in a state of stress. I feel like I am still in my twenties, but without the late night partying EVERY weekend. I exchange the drunkenness with night watching at my local nature reserve. It is exciting and humbling observing the wildness around us. I enjoy live bands in the local pub over techno base in on a dancefloor. I enjoy trips to the newly opened trampoline park with friends twice my age. Young at heart is freeing, we are as young as we feel and it shows on our faces and in our hearts.


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