If you were ruler of your country for one week…

If you were ruler of your country for one week, what would you do and what would you try to change?

Imagine, you open your eyes from a good night’s sleep and pull open the curtains. The sun temporarily blinds you with its brightness but your eyes adjust quickly. The phone beside your bed rings shrilly and you answer in a groggy voice. A voice on the end of the line excitedly tells you that from millions of people in the UK you have been especially selected to be ruler for a week. The Prime Minister is on hiatus, the Deputy PM is in hospital with a virus and there just isn’t anybody else suitable apart from you.

Flashes of disbelief cross your mind but as you stand staring out the window to the trees ahead, a black states car pulls onto your driveway. Two men dressed in black suits emerge and knock on your door. This is happening! Ruler of the country for one week, what would you do? What would you change?

Would you implement a treaty with non-European countries to extradite all monies in off-shore accounts to be returned to the UK to be properly taxed? Would you round up all those people who avoid paying their taxes at the expense of those who need public services to publicly humiliate them? Would you introduce a requirement for everybody to volunteer in their community 2 hours a week? Would you change how public money is prioritised and allocated so that more funds go to localised projects rather than foreign payoffs and memberships? Would you change the justice system to introduce community work in place of minor sentences and introduce stricter punishments for heinous crimes? Would you insist that all non-national prisons are immediately deported to free up space? Would you negotiate with large property owners and foreign leaders to open up their unused housing for refugees and temporary homeless accommodation at minimal charge or rents?

Or are those ambitions all too rhetoric and unachievable.


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