If you could create anything what would it be?

If I could create anything it would be a looking glass. Not any average looking glass that reflects our own image back to us, I want to create a looking glass that reflects another place. A two-way mirror if you like. One you look into and see your true self and when you shift a little bit and look past your own reflection, you will see a place beyond. You will see a person you really need to talk to – whether it is someone from your past, or someone who has passed over, or someone in your future. But you will see the person you need right then.

I have tried this little trick already. Staring at my reflection until I can see past myself and then I talk to the person I value most but is no longer in this world. But if I could create anything, it would be a better looking glass to really see her physically and hear her own voice talking back to me. A looking-beyond-glass.


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