What are your strategies for staying positive?

Mindfulness meditation. Whether it be three minutes of focusing on my breathing, to guided meditations that take me to different astral planes; mindfulness meditation completely forces my mind to calm down and clear. Making a piece of jewellery works too, the level of concentration required to control beading patterns or looming is effective at making me focus and then wonder where the last hour went.

A daily gratitude journal. I adopted the practice of writing a list of 10 things I am grateful for, when I arrive at work. Starting there makes me approach the day more successfully, more calmly and more objectively. I take things less personally if they happen to be negative. I just go back to my morning list to remind myself of my blessings that day. It is amazing how far reaching that list can be ā€“ from clean water to shower in, to having a pen to writing with and friendly colleagues.

Jars. I fill a jar beside my bed with a post it note at the end of every day describing briefly what my favourite part of the day was. It is mostly filled with notes about my dog. I have a Jar of Joy in the living room for post it notes recording those extra special moments, not daily, only the very special moments like the time I went to see Take That live, or finally seeing Judi Dench on stage ā€“ in the flesh! I have a third jar at work ā€“ the motivation jar. Full of positive quotes to delve into should I hit a slump in my day and need a little boost. It saves a lot of calories compared to a consoling chocolate bar at 3pm!


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