Talk about friendship and the role it plays in your life

Friendship: It is not like the movies. There are not tight nit groups of gaggling girls who know what the other will say before speaking. There is no rescue in times of need, no matter what and just when you want it. Friendship is like a fairy-tale – you are extremely fortunate if you acquire it and keep it for a lifetime.

Friendship is there when you ask for it during those times of need. It is compromise to fix a convenient time and place to join up together. It comes and it goes as each person grows and evolves. It can let you down while at the same time surprising you. Occasionally it is absent, or there to be rebuilt or to be found.

Friendship is not promised to you, it can be conditional and it can be unforgiving. The trick is to appreciate it when it is present, value them while you can and accept when it is time to move past it.


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