What’s the most delicious thing you’ve tasted lately?

A raisin.  Starting to practice mindfulness started with learning to be completely in the moment. The first exercise is to eat a raisin.

The raisin was small fitting perfectly between the tip of the index finger and thumb.  It was squishy to press and returned to its shape when released. The skin was shiny in some aspects and dull in other aspects; all the ridges and bumps changed its surface from smooth to crumpled.  This raisin smelt sweet. At first there was no smell but upon closing the eyes and sniffing deeply, there was a scent.  A sweet subtle aroma of spice and warmth along with memories of summer picnics in the school playground.

I placed it in my mouth gently. There was no intention of biting and chewing immediately, I let it lay on my tongue for a while. I sucked briefly and its flavour began to seep out. Its sweet bitterness, seeped through the skin, slowly I bite down and the juices were released.  Its grainy texture separated across my tongue and its flavour exploded across tantalising taste buds.

And then it was gone, travelling down my throat to my stomach to end its purpose.  This has been the most delicious raisin I had ever truly tasted and appreciated.  It lasted only a matter of minutes but the impact of mindfully eating that small raisin lasted hours.


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