If you could write a book on any topic, what would it be?

Looking through the library there are already books on every subject – food recipes, gardening, self help, horror, fantasy, romance, childhood, adulthood, films, music, history – our choice is exhaustive.  However, when recently diagnosed with rare food intolerance for deadly nightshades I found it difficult to track down reliable reference books and information, less alone any dedicated cookbooks to help me learn how to manage an interesting menu without sacrificing enjoyment.

I decided to start writing a blog about my experience, sharing how I have adapted traditional recipes to become nightshade free.  Among that theme I used the space to share general inspiration , acts of kindness in my community and local travel information. A bit of a confusing space but a variety of information.

If I could write a book on any topic what would it be?

All about nightshades.  Explaining what they are and where to find them in your garden (or supermarket) and how to exchange them for safer options.  I would share my favourite recipes in a simple format and beautiful photographs.

Perhaps this is something I can start now? Perhaps by improving my blog with better photographs (remembering to take them as I cook would be a start) is the first step to becoming self-published. Maybe my multi-million pound book deal is already waiting for me?

If this has interested you (hang on, just what are ‘deadly nightshades’?) then hop over to A Girl From Devon and go straight to Delicious Balance!


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