Why did it have to be this way? You thought, if only…

I had stayed on at school to complete A-Levels or if only I had won the lottery by now and have more free money to spend.

But I didn’t stay on after GCSE’s because I was exhausted by the school system and being let down by those who should have had my best interests in mind and I needed to get out. I jumped straight into a full time office job and undertook NVQ’s, at that time they were highly respected by Employers (now not so much but how was I supposed to know at 16 that in the future an NVQ would stand for nothing?).

But I haven’t won the lottery, but I am debt free and always been and I still managed to buy a home at 24 years old. One of the few to gain from the recession rather than lose out.  How was I supposed to know at 24 that should I need to move before I have enough capital and after the markets recover that I would be blocked from moving and have no access to mortgages?

Why do I feel now that I should have stayed on at school or need more money – because I am ready for a new job, but a job completely different to anything I have done before and need training for.  Because I need some spare money to pay for a qualification while also continuing to save that house deposit and replace the car. If I had pursued an A-Level qualification I could be in a better job already and taken more seriously by my employer – but would that really have made a difference? Who’s to say that the A-Level I chose at 16 would be relevant to what I need now for the job I really want.

Why does it have to be this way? Feeling stuck and downtrodden professionally?  Does it have to be this way – no, I can choose whether to save my savings this month towards a qualification or a new house or car.  Maybe I could rotate each month and win in all rounds, taking just a little bit longer to get there.


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