What are a couple of skills you’d love to learn?

Animals. They have always been present in my life in some way. A family dog since I was a baby, guinea pigs in my teens, a mutt of my own right now, exploring safari parks, feeding the ducks, holding a snake in America at Six; curiosity about animals all through my life.

In the last three years fundraising for animal shelters and rehabilitation schemes have devoted time and passion.  Now contemplating a new career step, Animals keep dominating dreams and waking thoughts.  What if I could work with Animals?  My first job experience was volunteering with a local Adventure Park, helping to clean stables and groom the horses and ponies, my charge was Shandy – a sandy coloured Shetland pony who used to love being walked and rubbed.  Occasionally nipping my bum when I cleaned his stable, instead of handing him a carrot or some hay.

Right now I would love to re-entre the world of animal care. Learn the necessary skills to feed, groom and care for a variety of Animals and be a good volunteer for the local safari park.  Eventually it may even lead to something much more amazing – getting paid to do something I’d love, caring for animals of all shapes and sizes.  Rehabilitating those in need for extra recuperation.

Animals can provide much solace and contemplation. We speak a different language but have the potential to understand each other deeply.  Animals calm a busy mind by giving us something to focus on and care for and put before ourselves.


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