If you knew you only had 6 months to live, how would you live your life differently?

Only six months to live.  Why waste any more time living in fear? Instead throw caution to the wind and give up caring whether there is enough money to do what you want to do, instead hand in your resignation and combine all your savings into one pot.  Pack a rucksack and put on your walking boots, sell the house and put anything left in storage.  Buy a camper van and set off on the open road.

Catch a ferry back to Ireland and explore all the peaks and druid stones. Hope over to France and taste the vines and smell the country roads and villages. Indulge in patisseries in Paris and wander the art houses.  Visit Italy and stay there a month, going town to town learning the language until fluent, fall back in love with the pleasure of food.  Upticks back to Malta, staying a while longer in each town. Visit the markets, hire a boat and sail the island, spend a night at the Hospatilliars and soak up all their kindness.  Roam over to Prague, Belgium, Germany and back to England.  Travel the coastal roads and shanty towns. All the while taking photos, documenting every pleasure and every joy to leave behind. A photographic storybook – This is How She Lived. This is How She Loved.  Coming full circle back to home, resting my bones on the moor and drifting away over the bridge to the next life lesson.


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