Think about your days. Where are you enjoying the most time?

The original prompt today was “Think about your days. Where are you wasting the most time?” but I thought that sounded so negative!   Yes there are days where I feel most of my time is wasted because I’m not explicitly doing something I want to be doing or enjoying – by why, by default, are we asked to start from a negative stand point?

One of the biggest lessons I am learning as I adapt to a more mindful lifestyle, a more appreciative lifestyle is that negativity just has to be sounded out.  The more time spent dwelling on the negatives the more negatives you see, but by rephrasing perspective to seeing the positives the more you see and the happier/lighter you feel – at least that is how it is working for me.

So today I am rephrasing my writing prompt to focus on positivity.  I enjoy my time driving to work when I listen to the Collins Learn Italian CD. Repeating key phrases in Italian literally brings a smile to my face, Italian is such a beautiful language I can’t help but feel blissful when I speak it.

I enjoy going out for a walk at lunchtime, if it is raining I take an umbrella. I walk up a steep hill to either a small woodland and meander through the trees listening to the birds and looking for squirrels or dogs playing. I hide among the trees, in secret, spying all of the nature around me. Sometimes I might do a little meditation there too, centering myself for the afternoon ahead.  Or I might head into the cemetery and take a seat. It is a small place with lots of trees lining the walkways, the benches are set between tree trunks looking out onto the oldest graves dating back to early 1800’s.  There I sit and watch the birds and squirrels and sometimes I phone my Mum for a short chat.  It is my perfect little escape from a florescent, buzzing, loud open office – it is peaceful respite to de-stress.


I enjoy getting home and finding my dog Megan lying in her bed on her back, commanding me to drop everything and rub her belly. I give her a real fuss and she showers me with affection and cuddles.  I start making dinner and she sits patiently until I return for more cuddles and play.

At the end of every day – weekday and weekends, I take a piece of paper and think back through my day at all the things that made me smile, warmed my heart or made me think and find a solution. I write it down on that piece of paper (just one thing) and add it to my Jar of Joy.



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