Talk about drugs

What’s your definition of a drug?  What role do they play or have they played in your life?

There is the legal classification of drugs and there is the interpretation of a drug. I consider that a drug includes medication, alcohol, nicotine which are all ‘legal highs’. Hard drugs are those which are illegal such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis, acid etc. Basically anything you get on the back streets or at a rave.

I have been spiked before. When I was 19 I was clubbing with a group of friends, I returned from the toilets and someone had brought a round of drinks, I accepted it from my trusted friend and 30 minutes later I was experiencing a not-very-nice trip.  Fortunately I managed to get myself out of the club, phoned my Dad and waited at the taxi rank where there were three police cars and got home safe without too much harm.  The trip was bloody horrible and I gave up drinking heavily on nights out. I am now officially a lightweight!

I have smoked cannabis as a teenager – peer pressure and boyfriend pressure. This is one drug that I think shouldn’t be illegal though. I can see how in small doses it can be medicinal and useful. I consider it much less harmful than other drugs on the street. I believe it could be helpful as a prescription drug – pain relief, stress and depression relief. It works in other countries as a controlled drug similarly to alcohol.

Currently I have turned to herbalism to help control my food intolerance and depression. Regularly visiting my health shop and consulting a professional herbalist. I prefer plant based drugs than synthetic man-made drugs.  I avoid taking pain relief the best I can – not to be a martyr but because I don’t particularly trust them and can aggravate my intolerances.


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